Heart Drum



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Product description

This beautiful drum was born with a crystalline white and a deep crystalline red energy. For me, she connects to a clear, white crystalline mountain, and has heart-healing qualities.

The shape of a heart, with a beam of red projecting from a translucent drum center, were a perfect surprise.

The skin on this drum is faily thick and taut, so she’s ideal for outdoor playing, and has a fairly high pitch in dry environments.

You’re welcome to meditate with the pictures of the drum to connect with her for heart healing, and to experience the crystalline clear space she represents.

Drum size 36×38 cm (14×15″).

The price of this drum is 330€ plus 20-40€ shipping depending on destination.

The price includes a felted drumstick that will be made to your preference once the drum is purchased.

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