Apupyörä III - 23.02.2019 (Support Event / Hungry Bird)


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Pyöräpaja ry proudly presents...APUPYÖRÄ III (SUPPORT EVENT)

NON-STOP, BICYCLE SUPPORTED, CONTEMPORARY, ELECTRONIC, ILLUMINATED, ARTISTIC, FLAMING, VEGAN FUELED, URBAN, HYPNOTIC AND FUNDAMENTAL RHYTHM MUSIC+ PYÖRÄPAJA RY: We are a non-profit community bicycle collective. This means everyone is welcome to the do-it-yourself bicycle kitchen. Pyöräpaja was born out of a need for an open, free space to fix bicycles, meet people, learn and share skills. Pyörapaja is run by volunteers and funded by donations and support events like this.

SUPPORT EVENT (K-18) : Helsinki´s DIY non-profit bicycle kitchen needs your support! All of the event funds are for future rents, tools, repairstands, spare-parts, storage systems and events. Please support us to stay open and help all cyclists!

FOOD & BEVERAGES: Vegan Food, snacks, support drinks and beverages available from the kitchen. Menu and more info coming soon.

SAFE SPACE: Pyöräpaja and this event space is free of discrimination, harassment and violence. Do not make assumptions about others’ identities, genders, sexual orientations or origins. If you experience any harassment, please do not hesitate to ask event organisers for help. Please help us to maintain good vibes, clean and friendly athmosphere.

PREFERRED DANCEFLOOR ETIQUETTE: ·If things go wrong on the dance floor always apologize. (Generally it does not matter who is at fault.) ·Keep your clothes on, dancefloor is not a sauna. ·If you are engaged in long conversation please move off the dance floor. ·To cross the room either dance across the floor or walk gently around the perimeter. ·If carrying beverages around, try to use the perimeter. Wipe up your own spills. ·While dancing, do not give dance tips unless asked. ·When using your mobile phone please move off the dance floor. ·No photographs unless otherwise mentioned ·Remember to stay hydrated and cool down regularly.

OTHER: Remember to bring cash, credit cards dont work at underground events. BYOB...Own drinks allowed, but no glass bottles please. Try to bring own mug or cup -> less impact on nature.

MORE INFO: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/276947869544022/ Web: http://pyorapaja.info/apupyora

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