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THE SAWMILL INDUSTRY – Handbook is a new textbook covering the wood value chain from the forest to sawn timber and further to the customers. The book is divided into 14 chapters. Together, they create an image of the modern sawmill industry and its significance for the national economy, and of related technologies, products and markets. The writers of the book are experts in the sawmill industry, having worked for long in their respective fields of expertise and acquiring a wide perspective on the topics in Finland and abroad. Sawn timber is a global product used by the construction and carpentry industries, which allow the excellent properties of Nordic wood to really shine. Sawn timber is an important export product for Finland. In 2017, it was the fifth-largest export product. The Sawmill Industry – Handbook is published as part of a project for new learning material. A textbook dealing with the wood-based panels industry was also published in 2017, and in English in 2018. Electronic learning material based on these two books has been published online, deepening and expanding the know-how and insight of the wood products industry. Ms. Ritva Varis, the Editor-in-Chief of this book, has a long experience in working as a journalist for the professional press in the wood industry. She is also an author of numerous history books concerning the wood sector and has been awarded for her prose. Published 2018. Edited by Ritva Varis. Publisher: Suomen Sahateollisuusmiesten Yhdistys ry, Pages: 277, ISBN 978-952-69110-0-7