Influencer marketing toolbox for influencers


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Are you an avid content creator and would like to commercialize your channel, but don't know where to start? Are you thinking about industry legislation or how to make a media kit or a contract? And how to approach an interesting company in a collaborative way?

This influencer marketing toolkit is just the perfect thing for you!

The Influencer Marketing Toolkit will help and support you on your journey to become a professional social media influencer. In this concise but comprehensive information package, you will find tips and ready-made materials, which we at PING Helsinki also use in our work.

The toolkit includes materials to guide you through the influencer marketing process, from creating a media kit and contacting companies to the final report. Ready-made materials serve as good examples that you can easily copy and customize to suit your own needs.

The package includes:

  • Responsible Influencer Marketing Checklist

  • Tips for contacting companies

  • Media kit

  • Contract

  • Final report

Please note that some examples are based on Finnish practices and legistlation.

PING Helsinki is a pioneer in strategic influencer marketing. We are a partner in responsible influencer marketing and social media storytelling for our clients. We create phenomena and topics for coffee table discussions. We bring influencer marketing into a productive part of a company’s business.

PING Helsinki has been working for responsible and humane influencer marketing since 2015. During these years, we have worked with e.g. Clarion Hotel, Reima, Canon, the Finnish Government and the Ministry of the Interior.

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