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Wet-Plate Collodion was a mid to late 19th century process invented by Fredrick Scott Archer and made famous by the likes of Julia Margaret Cameron and Gustave Le Gray. It is now experiencing a renaissance with a new generation of photographic artists (most famously perhaps Sally Mann) discovering its unique qualities. 

The course starts with a talk exploring the history of this fascinating technique and with a walk through of the process. You will gain knowledge of the chemicals and equipment needed, including the health and safety requirements. During the workshop, you will learn how to prepare, expose, process and finish positive plates (glass and metal 9x12cm, 13x18cm and possibly 18x24cm if there is enough time). 

Previous knowledge on analogue photographic materials and large format photography is a definite benefit. The course will be held in Finnish if all the participants speak it. The course handouts will be in English. The course is taught by artist Jenni Haili.

Fri 8.11. @ 17-20 History, theory and preparation of the chemicals

Sat 9.11. @ 10-18 Wet-plate photography: tintypes and ambrotypes

Sun 10.11. @ 10-18 Scanning and finalising the pictures

Included in the course fee 150€ are all the required chemicals and equipment as well as 2-4 plates / person. The participants are encouraged to bring with them something small (to fit on a table top) to photograph a still-life of. If you are very sensitive to odors and/or fumes, please bring a personal breathing mask. The smell of ether can be rather strong despite of proper ventilation. 

Lunch is not included in the course fee. There is a mini-kitchen at the darkroom and a restaurant and grocery store nearby. 

The course takes place in the Mörk-darkroom run by the Finnish Darkroom Association. The address is Nilsiänkatu 11–13F, 00510 Helsinki. The entrance is from the side of Nokiantie 2, 3rd floor.

Additional information and questions regarding the course: Jenni Haili, jenni.haili@gmail.com (www.jennihaili.com)

Questions regarding signing up or paying the course: Executive director Natalia Kopkina, nkopkina@gmail.com

Photo: Jenni Haili

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