Peat in Horticulture - Its Use and Sustainability

Peat in Horticulture


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Amsterdam 1997
Editor: Gerald Schmilewski
194 pages
ISBN 951-97744-0-8

List of Authors
Foreword Jens-Dieter Becker-Platen

Developments in Horticulture and Peat Production
Prospects for horticulture in the 21st century, J. Janick
The global peat resource and its use in horticulture, G. Hood

Demands and problems of growing media
The requirements of growing media, W.R. Carlile
Weeds in peat - a dangerous problem, R. Keijzer and W.L. van Schie

Botanical, physical and chemical properties of peat products
Sphagnum classification and the influence of the different Sphagnum species on horticultural peat properties, H. Uosukainen and P. Lötjönen
Microbial ethylene removal in peat-based growing media and its relevance for horticultural practice, L. Elsgaard and L. Andersen
The use of physical determinations in horticultural science, N.C. Bragg
Physical characteristics of peat and the growth of pot plants, H.C. Scharpf
Particle size distribution to qualify milled peat; a prediction of air content of ultimate mixtures, J.B.G.M. Verhagen
Use of compressed peat in horticulture, M.A. Zevenhoven and J.B.G.M. Verhagen

Effects of production, processing and handling of peat products
Mechanical breakdown of peat as a result of handling and transport, M. Prasad
Production experiments with frozen peat in Finnish winter conditions, T. Nyrönen and V. Leiviskä
Effects of wetting agents on the wettability of air-dried Sphagnum peats, J.C. Michel, L.M. Riviere, M.n. Bellon-Fontaine and C. Aillerie
The influence of self-heating on horticultural aspects of peat, G. Wever and J.A. Kipp

Biological aspects of peat
Trouble creating fungi in peat of horticultural use, G.B. Schlechte
Microbes of peat and their use in plant disease control, R. Tahvonen
Biological control of soilborne plant diseases by incorporation of antagonistic micro-organisms in Sphagnum peat moss, D.F. Jensen

The sustainability of peat in horticulture
Peat, the ultimate material for horticultural use? O. Reinikainen
The peat conservation issue and the need for alternatives, M. Lennartsson
Peat consumption in relation to sustainability of peat resources in the USA, T.J. Malterer and K.W. Johnson
Peat bogs - their life after peat extraction, B.D. Wheeler
Developments within the substrate branch, T.J. van Wijk

RAL quality controls for growing media joined in one organisation, R. Rexilius
Quality control of substrates, W. van Schie
Physical properties of milled peat and sod peat in relation to moisture and structure, H. Limbers and J. Rehme
Exchange of Fe from chelate in the fertilizer against Cu, Mn and Zn in peaty substrates, C. de Kreij
Botanical, chemical and physical properties of peat and peatlands of European Russia, cultivated for purposes of agri- and horticulture, V.N. Kreshtapova
Shrinkage characteristics of Dutch peat soils, J.J.H. van den Akker and R.F.A. Hendriks
Effect of temperature on the decomposition of organic matter in Dutch peat soil, R.F.A. Hendriks and J. Vermeulen
Peat and sapropel soils reclamators, A.M. Abramets
Granulated peat fertilizer with increased elements - water stability of mineral nutrients, T.P. Alexeeva and V.D. Perfilieva
Peat-containing vermicompost is the ecologically pure hot-house soil, N.N. Tereschenko
Effects of water availability on growth, water relations, physiological processes and yield of tomatoes grown in coconut coir (CD) : peat mix, M.R. Ismail, M.K. Yusuf and H. Mohamed
Continuous quantity measurement of bulk deliveries of peat, growing media and constituents using the volumeter, A. Zubrägel
How horticultural plant production can benefit from VA Mycorrhizae-treated growing media, R. Meyer
TRI 002 and TRI 003 - new biological plant growth stimulant, K. van Heemert and H. Veenstra

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