Peat in Horticulture - Development of the Use of Peat in Horti

Peat in Horticulture


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Amsterdam 1999
Editor: Gerald Schmilewski
48 pages
ISBN: 951-97744-5-9

Foreword by W.J. Tonnis
A brief view on the role of peat in horticulture, G. Schmilewski
Physical aspects of peat mixtures, J.B.G.M. Verhagen
Testing of peat using biological methods, M.A. Zevenhoven
Standardization by CEN/TC 223 "Soil improvers and growing media" and its consequences, A. Hidding
The use of peat in horticulture: figures and developments, W.L. van Schie
Peat industry in Central Europe and the Baltic States, R. Sopo
Life cycle analysis and horticultural peat, A.J. Schilstra

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