Wise Use of Mires and Peatlands

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Background and Principles Including a Framework for Decision-Making
Hans Joosten, Donal Clarke, 2002, 304 pages
ISBN 951-97744-8-3

Guide to the use of the document
1. Outline of chapter contents
2. Guide to the framework of decision-making

1. Introduction
1.1 Preface
1.2 "Sustainable" and "Wise" Use in key conventions
1.3 Preparation of a Wise Use document
1.4 Guidelines for Global Action on Peatlands
1.5 Purpose of the document
1.6 Concept and content of the document
1.7 Target organisations

2. Mires and peatlands
2.1 Concepts and terms
2.2 Peat formation
2.3 Mire and peatland types
2.4 Extent and location of mires and peatlands
2.5 Rates of peat and carbon accumulation
2.6 Characteristics of mires and peatlands
2.7 Peatlands as habitats and ecosystems

3. Values and functions of mires and peatlands
3.1 What are values?
3.2 Positions with respect to intrinsic moral values
3.3 Types of instrumental values
3.4 Functions of mires and peatlands for human beings
3.4.1 Production functions
3.4.2 Carrier functions
3.4.3 Regulation functions
3.4.4 Informational functions
3.4.5 Transformation and option functions
3.4.6 The values of conservation and economics

4. Values and conflicts: where different values meet
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Needs, wants and rights
4.3 Different types of conflicts
4.4 Conflicts dealing with facts
4.5 Conflicts dealing with preferences
4.6 Conflicts dealing with precedences
4.7 Conflicts dealing with priorities
4.8 The monitarisation of peatland values
4.9 Conflicts dealing with moral positions
4.10 Non-anthropocentric approaches

5. Framework for Wise Use
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Deciding in principle if an intervention is admissible
5.2.1 The effect of a use on the function itself
5.2.2 The effect of a use on other functions
5.3 General considerations
5.4 Guidance principles for Wise Use
5.5 Modifiers
5.6 Instruments
5.6.1 Instruments at an international level
5.6.2 Instruments at regional level involving groups of countries
5.6.3 Instruments at a national level
5.6.4 Instruments at sub-national level involving provinces and regions
5.6.5 Instruments at the level of enterprises
5.6.6 Instruments at the level of the individual person
5.7 Codes of conduct
5.8 Non-anthropocentric approaches
5.9 Dialogue
5.10 Conclusion

Glossary of concepts and terms

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