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Editor. Eino Lappalainen
IPS 1996
370 pages
hard cover
ISBN 952-90-7487-5


International Peat Society

Peatlands in Biosphere
Peatlands: Their nature and role in the biosphere; E. Maltby and M.C.F. Proctor
Rate of carbon accumulation on boreal peatlands and climate change; Jukka Turunen and Kimmo Tolonen
The fluxes of greenhouse gases CO2, CH4 and N2O in northern peatlands; Pertti J. Martikainen
Climatic changes during the Holocene; Matti Eronen

General Review
General review on world peatland and peat resources; Eino Lappalainen

Peatlands and peat resources of Belarus; N.N. Bambalov
Present state of mires in Denmark; Bent Aaby
Peat resources of Estonia; Mall Orru
Mires of Finland and their use; Eino Lappalainen
Mires and peat resources in Germany; Peter Steffens
Peat resources of Great Britain (Scotland, England, Wales and Isle of Man); Rodney Burton
Peat resources in Greece; Kimon Christanis
Peat resources of Iceland; Kimmo Virtanen
Peat resources of Ireland; Charles Shier
Peat resources of Latvia; Ansis Snore
Distribution and formation of peatlands in Lithuania; V. Tamosaitis, V. Saulenas and V-E. Gasiuniene
Extent and use of peatland in Norway; Are Johansen
Peat resources in Poland; Piotr Ilnicki and Slawomir Zurek
The peat resources of Russia and their utilization; V.I. Kosov and Vera N. Kreshtapova
Mires and peat resources in the Republic of Karelia, Russia; O.L. Kuznetsov
Peat resources in Sweden; Dag Frediksson
Mapping of mires in Switzerland - starting points and results; Meinrad Küttel
Peat resources in the Ukraine; Slawomir Zurek
Peat in other European countries; Eino Lappalainen and Slawomir Zurek

Peat and peatlands in China; Ma Xuehui and He Yan
Distribution of peatlands in Indonesia; Jack O. Rieley, Susan E. Page and Bambang Setiadi
Peatlands of Japan; Yasuharu Umeda and Takashi Inoue
Peat in Malaysia; Kamarudin Ambak and Leong Ah Chye
Feasibility study of Philippine peat resources; Veijo Klemetti, Kari Sänkiaho and Heikki Oravainen
The peat resources of Sri Lanka; Eino Lappalainen
Peat swamp forest of Thailand; Chawalit Niyomdham, Chavalit Urapeepatanapong and Picha Pitayakajornwute
Peatlands in Turkey; Dincay Öz
General review of West-Siberian mires; V.D. Markov, L.A. Ospennikova, Ye.I. Skobeyeva, V.G. Matukhina, L.I. Inisheva, Ye.D. Lapshina and L.S. Mikhantyeva
Peat in other Asian countries; Eino Lappalainen and Slawomir Zurek

Peatlands in Africa; a general review; Hannu Pajunen
Peatlands in Burundi; their extent, development and use; Hannu Pajunen
Formation and use of peat deposits in Rwanda; Hannu Pajunen
The peat resources of Senegal; Erkki Korpijaakko and Martti Korpijaakko
Peat in other African countries; Eino Lappalainen and Slawomir Zurek

North America
General review of North American peatlands (mires); Thomas J. Malterer
The status of peat resources in Canada; Clayton Rubec
Peat resources of the United States; Thomas J. Malterer

Central and South America
Peat bogs of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina; Jorge Rabassa, Andrea Coronato and Claudio Roig
Peat resources of Brazil; Eino Lappalainen
Peat resources in the Republic of Cuba; Eugenio Casanova Casanova
Peat resources of Jamaica; Edward Robinson
Peatlands in Central and South America; Eino Lappalainen and Slawomir Zurek

Australia and New Zealand; Eino Lappalainen

Use of Peatlands
Conservation of peatlands; B.D. Wheeler
Agricultural use of peatlands; Henryk Okruszko
Forestry use of peatlands; Juhani Päivänen
Peat Production; Timo Nyrönen
Energy use of peat; Dan Asplund
Horticultural use of peat; Gerald K. Schmilewski
Environmental use of peat; Kari Mutka
Peat in balneology and health care; Riitta Korhonen and Gerd W. Lüttig
Chemical and thermal processing of peat; I.I. Lishtvan


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Global distribution of mires
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Central and South America
Australia and New Zealand

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