Peat in Horticulture - Life in Growing Media

Peat in Horticulture


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Amsterdam 2010
Editor: Gerald Schmilewski
108 pages
ISBN 978-90-809711-3-4

Foreword by Gerald Schmilewski and Guus van Berckel

Life in growing media - the good, the bad and the ugly? Bill Carlile and Gerald Schmilewski
Colonization of growing media by saprophytic fungi - conclusions drawn from the results of a questionnaire, Hagen Knafla, Ulrike Wegener and Michael Emmel
Can we get a grip on saprophytic fungi in growing media? Hans Verhagen

Life of peat: biological characterization and evaluation, Beatrix Alsanius
Microbiological and disease suppressive properties of peat from different sources, Walter Wohanka, Heinz-Dieter Molitor and Ulrich Brückner
Chemical changes in peat as a result of self-heating: analysing the suitability of peat for use in growing media, Päivi Picken and Jaakko Lehtovaara
Are legionnellae an issue in growing media and soil improvers and is labelling required? Paul Waller

Prospects on a novel approach to study the impact of nutritional factors on disease suppressiveness in growing media, Beatrix Alsanius
Potential requirements and limiting factors for the application of mycorrhizal fungi in growing media, Ingrid Weissenhorn, Claudia Külling, Imke Hutter and Carolin Schneider
Status of microbal enrichment of peat-based growing media, Joeke Postma

Future of entomopathogenic fungal biocontrol agents in horticultural growing media, Tariq Butt
Sciarid fly larvae in growing media - biology occurrence, substrate and environmental effects, and biocontrol measures, Stefan Kühne and Kai Heller
Nematodes in growing media: old problems, new techniques, Harm Keidel

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