Peatlands and Climate Change 2008

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Edited by Maria Strack
224 pages, full colour
Printed at Saarijärven Offset Oy, Saarijärvi, Finland
ISBN 978-952-99401-1-0
Copyright © 2008 by International Peat Society.
All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced by any means, or transmitted, or translated into a machine language without the written permission of the publisher.

Executive Summary for Policymakers "Peatlands in Global Change"
Summary for Policymakers "Wise Use of Peatlands and Climate Change"

Carbon accumulation in boreal peatlands during the holocene - impacts on climate variations, Markku Mäkilä and Matti Saarnisto

Northern peatlands, greenhouse gas exchange and climate change, M. Strack, J.M. Waddington, M. Turetsky, N.T. Roulet and K.A. Byrne

Impacts of agricultural utilization of peat soils on the greenhouse gas balance, R. Oleszczuk, K. Regina, L. Szajdak, H. Höper, V. Maryganova

Climate impacts of peatland forestry, Kari Minkkinen, Kenneth A. Byrne and Carl Trettin

Climate impact of peat fuel utilization, Kristina Holmgren, Johanna Kirkinen and Ilkka Savolainen

Tropical peatlands: carbon stores, carbon gas emissions and contribution to climate change processes, J.O. Rieley, R.A.J. Wüst, J. Jauhiainen, S.E. Page, H. Wösten, A. Hooijer, F. Siegert, S.H. Limin, H. Vasander and M. Stahlhut

Restoration of peatlands and greenhouse gas balances, H. Höper, J. Augustin, J.P. Cagampan, M. Drösler, L. Lundin, E. Moors, H. Vasander, J.M. Waddington and D. Wilson

Peat in international climate change conventions, T. Lapveteläinen and R. Pipatti

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