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Peat in Horticulture


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Amsterdam 2006
Editor: Gerald Schmilewski
90 pages
ISBN 978-90-809711-2-7

Foreword by L. Schipper
Global warming: the faults of man or the sun? Raised bogs as archives of climate change, B. van Geel
The IPS Peatlands and Climate Change Working Group and the climate impact of energy peat utilisation in Finland and Sweden, J. Silpola
Peat extraction, permits and peat use in Germany, H. Falkenberg

Legislation and permit policies regulating the use of horticultural peat resources in Finland and Sweden, P. Picken and S. Östlund
Legal aspects of peat extraction in the United Kingdom, J.P. Cox
Peat production and its regulation in the Baltic States, E. Niitlaan
Rules and regulations governing peat extraction in Canada, J.-Y. Daigle, G. Hood

Restoration of former peat fields - objectives and achievements, J. Blankenburg
Is horticultural use of peat "wise use"?, D. Clarke
The EU ecolabel for growing media - attempting objectiveness on the peat issue, G. Schmilewski
Peat usage in growing media - from John Innes to Peatering Out (TM), P.L. Waller

International Peatland Society