Peat in Horticulture - Additives in Growing Media

Peat in Horticulture


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Amsterdam 2003
Editor: Gerald Schmilewski
95 pages
ISBN: 90-9017388-9

Foreword by W.J. Tonnis

Fine-tuning growing media with additives - an introductionary overview, G. Schmilewski
PH substrate management as a tool to improve the performance of vegetable seedlings, R. Cattivello and R. Danielis
Liming of peat-based media - state of the art, J.B.G.M. Verhagen
Effects of adding different mineral soil types to peat-based growing media, P. Demeyer, E. Engels and W. van Keirsbulck

Optimising fertilizer supply to peat-based growing media containing composted green waste, C. de Kreij and D.J. van der Gaag
Terracottem® in growing media, F. Dewever and D. Ottevaere
Stimulating effect on rice seedling growth by a trace of fulvic acid extracted from Sphagnum peat, P. Yamada and T. Yamaguchi
Cucumber grown in peat slabs treated with lactic acid, humic acid and gliomix compared with other organic and mineral substrates, M. Böhme and R. Vorwerk

Trianum in growing media: a tool in the reduction of the use of chemical fungicides against soil-borne pathogens, M. Dissevelt, W. Ravensberg and C. Hayes
Microbials in growing media: what is the potential? M. Prasad, M.J. Maher, P.J. Simmons and W.J. Ravensberg
The use of wetting agents in modern substrate production, N. Bragg and A.McCann
Fertil wetting agent for horticultural media, G. de la Martiniere, F. Blanc and B. d'Arrentieres

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