Sudenkorento - Dragonfly ovenkolkutin, messinki


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Product description

Ihastuttava metallinen sudenkorento -ovenkolkutin. Kullankeltainen sävy. Painava ja laadukas 16cm leveä ovenkolkutin. Täysmessinkinen.

Koko: - L13cm x W16cm x D3cm Materiaali - Solid brass Viimeistely - Kiillotettu, ei lakattu, metalli ikääntyy kauniisti ajan kuluessa Kiinnitys: pakkauksessa mukana kaksi pulttia.

As seen in Homes & Antiques Magazine, our Solid Brass Dragonfly Door Knocker features wings that are intricately detailed which hover over the door. The door knocker is hinged at the end of the tail whilst the head of the dragonfly is used to knock onto the striking plate. This brass dragonfly door knocker would look great on any front door, from a country cottage to a modern townhouse.

Size - L13cm x W16cm x D3cm Material - Solid brass Finish - Polished un-lacquered finish, the brass will take on a vintage finish over time. Fixing Information - This dragonfly door knocker can be attached to the door with the 2 bolts that are supplied. The fixings are approximately 9.5cm apart and this door knocker is suitable for wooden, PVCu and composite doors.

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