3 Way Comb

Metallikammat 3 Way Combs


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Product description

The 3-way comb is the perfect styling tool regardless of coat type. The fine portion of the comb is 3 inches with 36 teeth and a 1mm (1/32 inch) gap between teeth. The medium portion of the comb is 3.125 inches with 20 teeth and a 3mm (3/32 inch) gap between teeth. The coarse portion of the comb is 3.25 inches with 10 teeth and a 7mm (1/4 inch) gap between teeth.

It is the most versatile tool on the market.

It was designed by size and features to give the user the ability to groom any dog or cat on the planet. The length of the comb allows the user to lay along side the subject and detect lines for balance and angles. The finish allows the user to grab the hair and fluff better than any comb on the market. The teeth are designed to create volume and fluff on the wide angle and the fine side for detailed finish work. The medium section creates the magic. It is designed to push under the coat on the top line to fix dips and low spots in coat. The medium is the perfect tool to lift hair against the grain on legs or anyplace where volume is needed on shorter hair. Once you try this comb you will not need any other comb. The final thing is the weight and balance is perfect so it will not cause undue stress in hand, arm and shoulder muscles.

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