Panagenics™ Hydrating spray 3,7 L



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Product description

The Panagenics™ Hydrating spray is to be used during drying, brushing, curling, crimping, flat iron, swimming, or heave exposure to the elements. A light mist is sprayed in the hair and gently brushed in to distribute from the scalp to the tips. This will increase shine, depth of color, genetic texture, improve manageability and reduce if not eliminate tangles and mats if used as directed. As with all Panagenics™ products they are designed to genetically enhance any species, breed of hair, skin or feather it is applied on. It is dye free, tearless, fragrance free, low sudsing and pH in the 5- 6 range. This will repair the worst of hair damage and genetically restore your hair to its natural state. The more you use these products the better your hair will get. All of the Panagenics™ products are gentle enough to be used daily on people, infants, dogs, cats, horses, wild animals and even birds. Panagenics™ products are safe for the environment and contain no harsh chemicals to harm watersheds.

Directions: Apply a fine mist and brush or comb gently onto wet or dry hair all the way to the skin. Panagenics™ Hydrating Spray should be applied to hair to protect and strengthen hair while using combs, brushes or dryers. This can be done on a daily basis to improve and restore damaged hair.

Ingredients: All three Panagenics™ products contain the same base materials.

Citrus base Apple cider vinegar Aloe Vera Epsom salt

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