Illumination 8oz syväpuhdistava ja kirkastava shampoo



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HUOM! Käytä vain joka 4-6pesu, ei suositella käytettäväksi useammin.

Directions For Using ILLUMINATION™ Clarifying Shampoo


1 – Thoroughly wet the entire animal’s coat.

2 – Apply a generous amount of IILUMINATION™ shampoo starting at the tail and moving forward toward the head. As a general rule, 4oz will cover an animal up to 50 lbs. Above 50 lbs use 8oz. Thoroughly massage the shampoo over all areas of the animal, in particular the haunches and front leg pits. Exercise care not to get any shampoo in the eyes, ears, nose, or mouth of the animal.

3 – Immediately rinse the animal thoroughly, no waiting time necessary. Rinse until the coat is squeaky clean.

4 – Dry the animal by any preferred method.

The result is that all previous remnants of hair products (shampoo etc.), mineral deposits (rain or regular water), unnatural oils, dirt, debris, and a variety of stains (urine and saliva) will be dissipated. The coat is now thoroughly cleaned and clarified.

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