Panagenics™ Triple set 3X 3,7 L



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Product description

Setti sisältää kaiken mitä tarvitset koirasi turkin huippukuntoinen laittamiseen Conditioner, Shampoo ja Hydrating spray

Panagenics Conditioner is to be applied before the shampoo. It is designed to be a leave in, between shampoo periods and to penetrate even under a healthy cuticle into the cortex. This will hydrate the cortex and restore the shape of the hair, intensify color, provide hair that will dry faster, increase volume, provide manageability, eliminate dry brittle hair and increase strength.

Panagenics Shampoo is applied in small amounts after the Panagenics conditioner to remove dirt, odour, stains, conditioner residue and will leave the cuticle flat, healthy and crystal clear. It restores hair to its original genetic quality and it adds back to your hair what others strip out.

The Panagenics™ Hydrating spray is to be used during drying, brushing, curling, crimping, flat iron, swimming, or heave exposure to the elements. A light mist is sprayed in the hair and gently brushed in to distribute from the scalp to the tips. This will increase shine, depth of color, genetic texture, improve manageability and reduce if not eliminate tangles and mats.

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