The Forest Nymph

Kauhukirjallisuus Fantasiakirjallisuus Tieteiskirjallisuus Englanninkieliset


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Does a fine teacup bring bad luck? How can a huge whale disappear in a narrow bay? Who is the beautiful woman dressed in a forest green silk dress?

The Forest Nymph and Other Weird Stories from Finland contains six tales of fantasy, sci-fi, horror and weird. Let’s go on an imaginative journey to dark forests, battlefields and space!

The authors: Rimma Joonatan Erkko, Saara Henriksson, Artemis Kelosaari, Lucilla Lin, Mikko Rauhala, M.G. Soikkeli. Stages of Berlin by M.G. Soikkeli was awarded with the prestigious Portti Award in 2000.