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Product description

Mundus RPG is an Asian themed fantasy tabletop RPG. Drawing inspiration from Japanese history, myths, anime and manga, Mundus RPG presents the country of Tentaika. The game system uses six-sided dice. Standard dice rolling requires two separate dice. The combat driven game system keeps the combat lethal through all stages of gameplay.

More information: http://www.mundus-rpg.com/

Key features:

Diverse Character Creation

  • Build your character using the Life Module System or by point-buy

  • Life Module System defines your character's childhood and upbringing

Detailed Combat System

  • The detailed battle system offers satisfying gameplay from mundane samurai duels to anime style battles between powerful demigods

  • The Channeling System allows players to use diverse tactics in combat

PDF details:

  • 416 pages in full color

  • Fully bookmarked

  • incl. VAT (24%)

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