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Nipwitz Collector Box FOR FINLAND

Limited edition Nipwitz Collector box gives you everything. DVD & Blu-ray of Brain Massage with extra material, The Book and a pretty damn good looking beanie made of merino wool. Holiday sale price. (Original price 55€).

Limited edition Collector Box includes the following items

  1. DVD & Blu-ray: Movie and extra material from two filming seasons

  2. The Book: Photos and stories from our two year journey. Including History of Nipwitz, story of the most powerful winch in the world, 32-page Gallery by Ville-Petteri Määttä, Russian-style culture section and section about analog photography.

  3. Nipwitz x Sauna beanie from 100% merino wool made in Finland with leather badge with laser engraved Brain Massage logo

Limited edition Collector Box starts shipping as soon as possible and the delivery costs are included in the price!

Pictures: http://www.flatlight.fi/Nipwitz/Press/Book_preview_spread.pdf http://www.flatlight.fi/Nipwitz/Press/beanie_closeup.jpg

Nipwitz loves you!

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