Mushroom picking in Meri-Rastila forest 11.10.



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NOTE: This event will be mostly in English, but also Finnish is used if needed. :)

Mushrooms are rising up with full power and it is time to get to know more of them!

Welcome onto a basic course for you who wants to know more about edible mushrooms in Finland and how to recognize, pick and use them. In this field trip you´ll learn more about the delicious culinary treasures of the nearby forests and your mushroom-hawk-eye will definitely sharpen. Expect to be surprised how exotic mushrooms of the forest can be!

We will focus on: edible mushrooms and their look-a-likes and to the ones you should be aware of: the toxic species.

Take with you: outdoor clothing and shoes, a breathable basket, little snack and a water bottle. A knife, note equipment and mushroom literature is also useful. The guide Tuomas can provide a few baskets and mushroom knives.

Meri Rastila forest is a valuable forest area in the capital region. It is a mixed forest with several essential tree species that help many mushroom species to grow. More information about Meri Rastila forest, check here

Cost: 20e


  • Unemployed/students/pensioners: 15e (discount code "opiskelija" in the webstore, when buying the participation)

  • Keru community fridge volunteer: 15e (discount code informed in the volunteer group)

Maximum amount of participants: 18

Meeting point: ABC Vuosaari, Vuotie 4

Time: Friday 11.10. KLO 16-18:30

Guide: Environmental biologist and biology teacher Tuomas Lilleberg

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Photos: Mira Lainiola

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