The Golden Book of Humanity


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Tämä on Ihmisen kultaisen kirjan englanninkielinen versio.

This empowering book is for you who wish to expand your consciousness and to tap into the awareness of Unconditional Love. With its help, you can learn to listen to your inner being, to connect with your Highest Self, to create love and abundance into your life, and even work towards your personal enlightenment and mastery.

Along with his colorful personal experiences, J. Riverhill shares new information about Earth’s energy structure, twelve forces of creation, collective evolution, and the hidden laws and structures that govern our lives on Earth as spiritual beings and creators. For we are the creators of our future, it is important to stay conscious of our thoughts and control them when needed. This book offers invaluable advice on this, and much more.

Our world is going through great changes, and as humans we are beings of constant change. To help you cope with these changes and tackle the challenges in your daily life and on your spiritual path, the book contains unique spiritual exercises that bring you back to the now-moment and loving words from ascended masters and Unconditional Love. Join in the creative process and on the journey towards a new golden era!

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