25 kpl Fido U2F Security Key

Yubico - Yubikey 4 -avaimet


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Product description

USB authentication key that works instantly with any service that supports FIDO U2F.

The FIDO U2F Security Key by Yubico is a specially designed YubiKey, relying on high-security, public-key cryptography. Durable and conveniently sized, just slide it out of its protective sleeve, insert it into any USB port, and it works with any website that supports the FIDO U2F protocol, such as Facebook, Google’s Gmail, Google Apps, GitHub, Dropbox, and Dashlane. And all it takes is a simple touch of a button!

Emme suosittele tätä yrityskäyttöön, sillä Fido-avain ei sovellu integroitavaksi omaan infrastruktuuriin. Avain sopii kuitenkin hyvin yrityslahjaksi yksityiskäyttöön.

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