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“Upolaiset and paskasakki: The Mods and the Rockers in Turku in the 1960's.”

The first part of the book gives the background of Mods & Rockers in Finland, describing the evolution of British and Swedish Mods & Rockers culture.

The second part tells the story of Finnish Rockers. They had a clear and strong connection to the scene native to the British Rockers. Dressing exactly the same way as the original British Rockers, they also preferred classic British bikes which at the time were very expensive and quite hard to get in Finland.

The Mods section of the book describes the birth and growth of the Mods in Turku. The influences probably had their origin more in their Swedish counterparts than the original British Mods. But a strong connection with the British Mods was the iconic vehicle: the scooter. In Finland Vespa reigned. Maybe 95% of Finnish scooter owners rode a Vespa.

In Turku, the Mods appeared in the streets for the first time in the early Spring of 1964, that is 2-3 years after the birth of the Mods in Britain.

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