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Product description

Assembled MPGuino. Fuel economy meter. It can be installed in any car that has electronic injection system. Almost any car from the -90's to present. Check your car before purchasing! All it needs is a signal from speed sensor and a signal from any injector. Does'nt work with carburated systems.

Fuel consumption as instant, current trip and whole tank Time-To-Empty-screens Supports metric(L/100km), U.S.(MPG) and Imperial(MPG) units Support for Chrysler returnless fuel injector correction factor, based off of intake manifold pressure. Utilizes existing manifold pressure (MAP) sensor built into the existing engine control system, but requires an additional barometric sensor (in other words, a spare/extra MAP sensor). screw-terminals for inputs pushbuttons installed facing up. Integrated USB-programmer(USBasp), so no need for additional programmers. All you need is an mini-USB cable additional pins for customization Current consumption: running(highest brightness) below 70mA, sleep mode below 30mA Board is made for t vago's code from ecomodder.com