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Booking fee for a tattoo appointment at MagaLacrimaTattoo

This booking fee confirms a tattoo appointment booked by phone, e-mail or by any other ways Into the MagaLacrimaTattoos appointment book. The fee includes designing and preparation for one tattoo.

Think about the subject for your tattoo and discuss it with your tattoo artist before paying the booking fee. If you change your mind about the subject after the design is complete, you will be charged with another booking fee to cover the work for a different design. Tattooing the agreed upon design will be charged separately after tattooing. Tattooing rate is 80 € hourly. We favor payments by card at the studio.

If you do not have an open appointment and you wish to book an appointment for a tattoo, contact me: Kaisa phone: 044 013 1428, via Whatsapp or Instagram @kaitsuruismakitattoo.

In our studio we seek to guarantee our customers as hygienic tattooing session as possible.

Needles we use are surgically sealed and disposable, and all protection used for tattoo machines and surfaces are disposable. After tattooing keeping the tattoo clean and aftercare is customers responsibility.

The booking fee will not be refunded even if you cancel your appointment.

(In Force Major- situations, for example a cessation of business due to serious injury or illness of the tattoo artist etc. the tattoo artist is not obligated to refund the booking fee even if the design cannot be delivered as agreed.)

If customer gets sick or injured, the appointment should be moved at the latest a day before the appointment (same day changes require a doctor’s note). If you get sick, inform your tattoo artist without delay by calling (Kaisa: 044 013 1428), and your booking fee will remain and will be moved to your new appointment. If you wish to move or cancel your appointment for other reasons, please contact at the latest 7 days before the appointment, and you will have the tattoo design for your own free use. If you move or cancel the appointment later than 7 days beforehand, you will be charged 50 % of the estimated total price of the tattoo.


You must sign and approve these terms in writing when you arrive for your tattoo appointment.

  • I am over 18 years and am getting this tattoo from my own free will.

  • I am aware that a tattoo will not be made if I am under influence of alcohol or any other substances. Also getting a tattoo while hangover is not recommended because it lowers pain tolerance.

  • I am aware that the pictures and texts made into my skin are permanent. I am also aware that tattoo removal requires surgical procedures or laser-treatment that can cause permanent scarring.

  • I have not had tested and do not currently test positive for jaundice, A-, B-, or C-hepatitis, AIDS, HIV, or any other bloodborne deceases. In case of a possible injury with needle stick, I commit to prove this with blood tests at the local health center.

  • I do not have mental, physical, or medical barrier that affects my wellbeing or discretion to get a permanent tattoo on my skin.

  • I do not have a physical condition that prevents getting a tattoo or affects it in any way. In case I do, I will inform my tattoo artist about it beforehand. Physical conditions that can affect tattooing are: blood thinning medication, pregnancy and breastfeeding, psoriasis or atopic dermatitis, diabetes and skin conditions from it, tendency for keloids, hemophilia, epilepsy, cardiovascular diseases, allergy to pigments or hypersensitivity to other ingredients used in tattoo inks, or tendency to faint for example due to low blood pressure.

  • I am aware that use of pain medications or other blood thinning medications is not recommended for 8 hours before your tattoo. This may affect ink retention. Also numbing creams are not recommended due to thickening effects on skin.

  • I take responsibility for getting a tattoo and possible health hazards it may cause. Tattoo artist will follow current legislation concerning inks, pigments, and any other tattooing related factors to minimize complication risks.

  • I will get written aftercare instructions for my tattoo and commit to follow them. I am aware that failure to comply with them can affect the healing process and invalidate my warranty for possible touch-ups. Tattoo is an open wound and I am aware that neglecting the aftercare instructions will cause risk for inflammation and blood poisoning. I am aware that caring for a possible inflammation of the tattoo is my own responsibility.

  • The information concerning my tattoo, like the tattoo design and all given information for getting a tattoo will be retained in MagaLacrimaTattoos files. This will ease in case the tattoo is continued at some point. My information will never be alienated to third parties and will be accessed only by the studio staff. I have a right to ask for disposal of the information. The design and a photo of my tattoo can be used in MagaLacrimaTattoos marketing without mention of my name. Tattoos and designs copyright and the right to retention will remain with the tattoo artist, even if all my other information is disposed.
In the e-mail receipt of the booking fee purchase you can also find a link to download the aftercare instructions.

More information about our practices and REACH-regulation approved inks with their product descriptions you can find at


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https://www.nordictattoosupplies.com/epages/tattoo.sf/fi_FI/?ObjectPath=/Shops/24052010- 172317/Categories/Tattoo_Ink/REACH_Database