Faces - visions of the kantele


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Faces - visions of the kantele The purpose of the photo book is to explore and expose through artistic methods the symbolic values of the kantele.

The images are based on classical pictures, paintings and persons related to the kantele. The main work in the project is entitled Väinämöisen kasvot - The Faces of Väinämöinen. It is a photographic collage, comprising 144 portraits of players of the kantele and related instruments. The work is composed so as to form the face of Väinämöinen as depicted in Akseli Gallen-Kallela's (1865-1931) famous painting Väinämöinen's departure (1896-1906), an image well known to all Finns. The photographic work portrays the diversity of contemporary kantele players in relation to the one-sidedness of the kantele's prevailing image.

Photographer: Ilari Ikävalko, Publication year 2008, 96 pages, This book is in English.

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