Kissa heijastin



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Product description

Muotoonleikattu suloinen kissaheijastin auttaa sinua näkymään hämärässä ja pimeässä. Pehmoheijastimen mukana tulee papukaijalukko. Heijastimet täyttävät standardin EN 13356:2001. Valmistettu Suomessa.

This reflector has been designed to be attached to your bag or clothing in order to keep you safe while walking or cycling in the dark. The best reflection is achieved by attaching the reflector to a place where it can hang freely and will catch the lights of any passing cars. Reflectors really save lives so please make sure to always have one with you! The adorable animal design reflectors are created by Finnish artist Suvi Kari and manufactured by Saintex.