Frédéric Schumacher: Gastro.Startup.Berlin.



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Culinary diversity, internationality and innovative ideas can only be found in a few places in Europe as pronounced as they are in Berlin. Gastronomy and startups transform the world’s view on the city. A new “ecosystem” has transformed in the food industry, that magnetically attracts talents. Young authors examined the entrepreneurial spirit of the city. They have had many conversations and interviews with various inspiring restaurateurs, but also with startups and networkers that are part of Berlin’s food scene. Even if there’s only a small selection of those had a chance to speak in this book - as a reader, you will learn a lot about the personal drive of people who have shaped the image of Berlin.

The book

Frédéric Schumacher: “Gastro.Startup.Berlin” | ISBN:978-3-9817242-7-1 | 22 Euro | 100 pages | Paperback

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