3-weeks Chakra Pathworking Course in English 18.10 - 1.11.2019


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Teacher: Inderjit Kaur Khalsa, creator of Chakra Pathworking.

Chakra Pathworking is a 3-week-course that will assist you to find your direction. It provides you with concrete tools based on kundalini yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, visualization, creative writing and drawing. With these tools you can begin balancing your mind and body at this very moment, realize your dreams, and open yourself to receive what ever you have been dreaming of.

Chakra Pathworking is an unique combination of Kundalini Yoga, The Law of Attraction, Sacred Geometry and Chakra Work. All these arts are presented in this system in their most grounded and earthy ways. You don’t need to close yourself out from society when adding spiritual work to your life. It works the best for you when brought into your everyday life.

In this intensive 3-weeks workshop we learn to know ourselves through understanding the Chakras and how they can act as messengers of our well-being. In the course we use Kundalini Yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and mindfulness as our tools. We'll meet once a week. Every week you'll get yoga exercises, meditations and writing to do at home related to the theme we have been concentrating on.

We'll meet as a group on three Fridays at 17:00-20:00.

The weekly schedule is:

FRIDAY 18.10. 17:00-20:00 1st Chakra - Acceptance, ​2nd Chakra - Creativity

FRIDAY 25.10. 17:00-20:00 3rd Chakra - Commitment, 4th Chakra - Love, Compassion, 5th Chakra - Truth

FRIDAY 1.11. 17:00-20:30 6th Chakra - Intuition, 7th Chakra - Boundlessness, 8th Chakra - Aura

More info: https://www.chakrapathworking.com/

Kundaliinijooga, Helsinki