10x Cansat kit



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Product description

What is CanSat?

CanSat is a simulated satellite — integrated within the volume and shape of a soft drink can. Cansat can be used for simulated satellite missions. To learn more about Cansat, see the European Space Agency's article on Cansat. See also CanSat kit's documentation by Spacelab Nextdoor Inc.

Kit contents

  • CanSat hardware
  • Antenna
  • Ground station radio module

Volume order, sold in sets of 10.

The CanSat software, including example codes, is publicly available on https://github.com/nikandt/cansat.

How to order CanSats

I'm a teacher but not part of the ESERO Network. How can I get involved with CanSat projects?

Please message us at support@kitsat.fi, we'd love to hear from you!

I am a member of ESERO. How do I place an order for CanSats?

ESERO members are eligible for a discount for their volume CanSat orders. Please message us at sales@kitsat.fi.

I'm not an educator. How do I order?

You can use the Holvi Webshop to place your order.

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