Helsinki Synth City Compilation vol. 1


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Helsinki Synth City Compilation vol. 1

The Helsinki Synth City collective brings you this compilation tape representing tracks personally selected by spearheading Finnish synthwave artists for your enjoyment.

Side A

Millennium Falck: Beat Drop 3:49

Ace Buchannon: Buns Of Steel 3:41

Driver86: Not Like Us (feat. Oceanside85) 5:38

Runaway Droid: Activation Sequence 3:28

Kizunaut: Red Driver 4:04

Levinsky: Electra Complex 4:45

VVOV: It's Not Real 2:32

Side B

Millennium Falck: Why Won't You Love Me Now? 3:18

Ace Buchannon: Mizukage Prototype 4:20

Driver86: True Romance 4:10

Runaway Droid: Mission Protocol 2:57

Kizunaut: Neurowave 4:08

Levinsky: Sentient Beings 4:15

VVOV: We're All Dying 2:58

Ennakkotilaus. Julkaisu 28.8.

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