Orchestra Nazionale Della Luna CD


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Jackal Productions, Belgium 2016

“Those who believe that everything has been said about the sax-piano-bass-drums quartet have not yet heard Orchestra Nazionale Della Luna: these four will shake their ears!” -Jean-Pierre Goffin, Jazzhalo (BE)

“We are dealing here with a true European-style formation, a perfectly welded quartet, based on a constant interactivity between the two soloists, but also within the rhythm section: Boisseau and Verbruggen are constantly at work, listening to each other, and sharing the obvious pleasure of playing. A music that carries you away like a tidal wave. To discover also in concert!” -Claude Loxhay, JazzAround (BE)

Manuel Hermia – saxophones, flute & bansuri Kari Ikonen – piano & moog Sebastien Boisseau – double bass Teun Verbruggen – drums

Kari Ikonen Oy