Kari Ikonen Trio "Beauteous Tales and Offbeat Stories" LP


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The second album of KIT, Ozella Music 2015. Featuring Ara yaralyan on double bass and Markku Ounaskari on drums.

“Tässä ovat taikurit asialla, ja moninaisuudesta syntyy komea kokonaistaideteos." (*) –Keskisuomalainen

“Full of moments of beauty and offbeat explorations, ‘Beauteous Tales and Offbeat Stories’ builds on and expands beyond the artfulness of ‘Bright’ which itself was a strong effort. The Kari Ikonen Trio is the emerging European piano trio that people should be paying a lot of attention to.” –Something Else! Reviews (USA)

”This is a wholly original take on the improvising piano trio.” (****) –Dave Foxall, Jazz Journal (UK)

“Kari Ikonen shows a sparkle and gently questing spirit that engages the listener (…) an aesthetically satisfying album” (****) –Stuart Nicholson, Jazzwise (UK)

“In den komponierten Stücken brilliert der Dreier mit Klangschönheit und Melodieverliebtheit, während in den improvisierten Sequenzen dieser Einspielung die Geistesverwandtschaft unter diesen drei Künstlern spürbar wird.” –Jazzthing (DE) April/Mai 2015

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