Student Day 25.10.I1.30-3.30 Tour and Workshop: Rock-paper-story

Kiasman opiskelijapäivä I Student Day at Kiasma


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Visual artist Sari Palosaari tells about working with stones as part of her artistic practice: the material, quality, and character of the subject. Sari will share insights, memories, and stories in Kiasma's Coexistence exhibition.

Subsequently, participants will start a workshop on storytelling with digital marketing and social media specialist, Liisa Siitonen. Liisa will take the contributed rocks by the participants and the work by Palosaari as a starting point and inspiration for non-human narratives relating to traveling and migration of rocks and stones.

Language: English Duration: 120 minutes (from 1.30 to 3.30 pm) No prior experience is required! Please bring a small clean rock with you.

Free of charge with a valid student card. For non-students with museum ticket purchaced on the event day.

Photo: Sari Palosaari Time is out of joint 1, 2018 Finnish National Gallery / Pirje Mykkänen