Nepi light chain


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Product description

The beautiful and unique Nepi-lightchain is creating a warm and atmospheric light. All 12 cylinders are made by hand from resistant Finnish pine and have a wall thickness of about 1,5 mm, so that the light can shine through to show the beauty of every single piece. They are protected with natural linseed oil and bees wax. Get a piece of the pure Finnish nature to your home!

Made by Martin Czurgel, Kouvola (Finland)

  • Wood: pine
  • Size (cylinder): l: 7,5 cm, d: 3 cm
  • Light source: 12x LED
  • Power supply: 100-240V
  • Cable lenght: 3,30m (lamps) + 4m (from socket to first lamp)
  • Extra: 7 hooks + 7 suction cups