Break Down the House 7.-8.9.2024 @Rovaniemi EARLY BIRD TICKET


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Where: TBC, Rovaniemi When: 7.-8.9.2024 Price: 85€(Early Bird ticket 25.7.2024)

The Break Down the House WS-weekend dive into the development of House as a music and dance genre. During the weekend, we get to know the elements of House (jacking, floorwork, lofting) and the Housedance roots of social dance from the disco side. Because house wouldn't have been born without musicmachines & DJ-culture we get to also know what dj-equipment is like, how to do beat mixing etc. At the weekend we also watch documentaries together about House and discuss together based on the documents, and we organize at the end of the weekend house club. What was clubbing when house dancers were still referred to as club head and the house parties was called clubbing? The weekend also gives you different tools to deepen your inner soul dance ability. Insights as support, the mentors own dance background House & Break language and their methods and authentic movement methods. The weekend we dive in what is our natural body connection and be part of our creativity and interaction in our environment. Through our own body language, we will explore how able to build combinations of movements that tell a story and your own soul landscape, which is the deepest essence of House. We will also get to know how motion language can be used instead of speech to express emotions and in expressing thoughts.

Everyone who participates in the weekend will also receive a information package and methods that have been used in the classes throughout as booklet material. This is a weekend-long trip for the kind of clubber you are and want to be in the future. You are warmly welcome to join in with us.

Schedule Saturday 13:00-15:00 Rythm & Grooves Hi7e Hi7e Dj MW 15:00-16:00 Dinner break 16:00-18:00 Foundation Hi7e Hi7e Dj MW 18:00-18:15 break 18:15-20:00 Documentary Movie evening

Sunday 12:00-14:00 Floorwork with MW DJ Hi7eHi7e 14:00-15:00 Dinner break 15:00-16:30 Social Dances With Hi7e Hi7e Dj MW 16:30-18:00 House Clubbing and Cyphers (Party time)

Mentors Johanna aka Hi7eHi7e Johanna first got lost in the world of House almost two decades ago while clubbing warehouse parties and clubs all over Finland. She started dance lessons as an adult in Joensuu and the first touches of house music are from Malmivaara's Veera classes from Jyväskylä. Since then she has travelled and getting to know more about the world of this dance and the pioneers (club heads) at events in Europe. She has tried a wide variety of street dances. She fell in love with the social aspect of hip hop and clubdance culture. Culture and community, and self-expression through dance is what she want to involved to her classes. In his own House style, she combines things from afro, break and hip hop and sometimes also from contemporary dance and the last addition has been the roots of folk dance. He started DJing as a young adult in Joensuu and the record collection has grown over the years from house, trance, disco, funk as well as breaks.

MW, MattiWatti From Eastern Finland bboy and DJ has taught break at Åsa Folkhögskolan's dance line the last few years. In autumn 2022, he returned to Jyväskylä to establish his own record store the Kaivos. Matti has a long career as both a DJ and a dancer, and he brings his own knowledge of record playing to the workshop in terms of. Part of the movement is the rhythm of the music, which you can jump into by understanding how to dj mixes and scratches and combines music with turntables.

With this workshop you also support SADE ry and their work for hip hop- and clubdancescene in Finland.

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