THE PAYBACK JAM XVII Havumäki Ranch Muurame 1day Ticket


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THE PAYBACK JAM XVII 5.7.-7.7.2024 Havumäentie 16, 40950 Muurame (NO ACCOMADATION INCLUDED ONE DAY TICKET)

The legendary Hip Hop festival The Payback Jam is coming again for the 17th time!! The Payback Jam is one of the oldest still on-going jams in Finland. The weekend is all about dancing, music, having fun, getting to know new friends and spending time in the beautiful Finnish nature! This year, like three previous ones, the festival is held in the amazing and one of a kind venue; Havumäki Ranch in the middle of woods in central Finland.

We got an amazing DJ line-up for cypher all day long (and all night), 2 vs 2 Hip Hop & Breaking “mixed styles” battles. This means you participate as a duo and the duo can be either both from the same style or different styles.

The venue also offers a sauna, palju, bbq, open fire, graffiti wall, street food, Kaivos record store, La Bodega Tattoo walk-in, My body in the circle -treatments, art exhibition, camping area, two fridges for your food and drinks and an amazing skate park. The nearest lake is around 4 km if you wanna have a dip and an adventure.

There are no buses coming to the venue and the parking space is also limited so we recommend coming with carpooling friends or with a taxi from Jyväskylä city center. Taxi costs around 50€ (from Jyväskylä central) one way so if you split that with a group it is not too bad. It takes around 30 min to get there by car from Jyväskylä city center.

(IMPORTANT!) If you are planning to camp in the venue, please inform this while buying the tickets. Only the 2 day ticket includes the camping but not with the 1 day pass. Tell us also if you are using a tent or hammock so we can book you a right spot. You must be over 18 years old to stay in the camping site.

Remember to pack enough clothes, suncream, food, snacks, BIG water bottle etc. There is of course water for everyone and you can buy a warm meal there - a very good option!

And yes, there are some mosquitos and what not. But no time for stressing that because of all the fun we are having!

The schedule of the weekend goes like this: Friday from 4pm - 8pm - doors open, open floor cyphers Friday after party from 8pm - 2am LIVE music (+18 years old) Saturday from 1pm to 8pm - open floor, cypher qualification & battles (register at the spot!) Saturday after party from 8pm - 4am - LIVE music (+18 years old) Saturday after after party from 4am - Sunday morning DJ music Sunday chillin’ & grillin’ until 6pm when the venue closes.

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