KRUMP+HIP HOP, 2 workshops in Helsinki 6.1.2024


Product description

We will have SYNC straight from Washington DC (US) give workshops in krump and hip hop in Helsinki on Saturday 6th of January.

SYNC aka Twin Scream is BFAB, Born From A Boombox. He was raised within the Caribbean culture of dance, music, food and community with both sides of his family. Having danced from a young age he was inspired to start diving deeper into certain dance forms in middle school and has since been actively participating in different communities within dance, battled, worked as a dancer for different projects as well as big names like Redbull, choreographed performances and taught in various settings and environments. He is currently a part of the well-known East Coast krump fam ”Scream” and for several years was also a member of a krump group ”IMPACT”, consistent of several veterans trained under Tight Eyez. In addition to Krump he has dived into hip hop, house and breaking and is a big music lover with a wide taste. This versatility of expression to different music and creativity in them is characteristic in his dance. Dance has allowed SYNC to find his voice through movement and it is really a form of communication, expression, socializing, release and therapy for him. As a teacher he has a unique vision to guiding others that combines his approach to the world with his approach to dance. Whether you are taking a class with him or witnessing him dance he lets you deep into his world.

TIME: 10:30-13:30 
⏰Krump class 10:30-12 ⏰Hip Hop class: 12-13:30

PLACE: Bongos, Sörnäisten rantatie 31 A, 00500 Helsinki Price 1 class: 25€ Price 2 classes: 40€ Email sini.tuominen@sadefinland.com for pay what you can tickets & other inquiries.

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