JooSoap Liquid-soap workshop (per person)



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Product description

1.5hr, 1 person, in Helsinki.

Grind eco-soap powder and make liquid eco-soap! In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to turn ready made eco-soaps into liquid form. Liquid soap will be easier to use for kitchen, toilet, floor, shoes cleaning.


  • (15 min) Coffee/Tea with warm-up discussions
  • (10 min) Introduction video
  • (40 min) Eco Liquid Soap making
  • (20 min) Q&A and clean up (Coffee/Tea)


  • The fee includes all material, equipment and coffee/tea. Every participant will get 1 Liter liquid soap and another bag of soap powder for DIY 2 Liters liquid soap.

  • Kid age below 12 years old is free of charge, but need to be supervised by their own parent(s).

  • Workshop is mainly in English, but conduct in Finnish and Chinese is also possible.

  • Remember to bring 1 liter of container to bring back your result.

  • There are plenty of parking space outside.

2019 Summer workshops:

A. 30.06.2019 Sunday, 5pm-6:30pm

B. 19.07.2019 Friday, 6pm-7:30pm

C. 20.08.2019 Tuesday, 7pm-8:30pm


JooSoap Studio, Helsinki

Veturitallinkuja 34

Pasilan Vanhat Veturitallit, Building G (1F Typpilaakso)

00520 Helsinki, Finland

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