JooSoap eco-soap * Customized happy gift (30pcs)


Incl. VAT 24.00%
Product description

Eco-soap for general household cleaning and greasy hand washing with Customized label and packaging

Wedding/birthday/graduation gifts, company eco-gifts for a better world. Customized label with your own text or logo.

Net: 110±8g

  1. choose package paper (kraft paper, red, dark blue, recycled magazine, from your own recycled paper...)
  2. customized label (your logo+1 sentence of words, your names or event theme & date. print in black and white, space< 2.5cm*6cm.)

  • Minimum order: 30 pcs, extra pcs is 5€.
  • Price include package and layout design. Please provide your logo and text to us.
  • Possible to have coffee ground ecosoaps, but need to preorder at least 2 months in advance. Extra cost: 0.5€/pcs.
  • We could turn your restaurant oil into your own "closed cycle" EcoSoaps! Smaller pieces possible for bulk order.
  • Local produce, local use! Handmade in Helsinki.
  • The soap we made in JooSoap Studio is all made from cold process method. Every soap is cured and dry for more than 8 weeks, so the saponification is completely finished.
  • If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer! send email to info@joosoap.org

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