Soolokappaleita standardi- ja melodiabassoharmonikalle (PDF)

PDF music sheets / PDF nuotit


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Music sheets for solo accordion. 10 tunes composed by Johanna Juhola.

Tunes for free bass accordion: Lintuvaaran uneton - Sleepless in Lintuvaara Ihmisrauniot Ry - Human Wrecks Pieni täydellinen hetki - Perfect Little Moment (also for standard bass) Skandaali hovissa - Scandal in the Court Road Assistance Downshifting (also for standard bass)

Tunes for standard bass accordion: Painajainen leikkikentällä - Nightmare on the Playground Keskikesän karkelo - A Midsummers’ feast Miette Valaat - The Whales

You can find solo accordion versions of four of the tunes on this Youtube -playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fi8CQ98VMtY&list=PL6sIIoNhoy4hPsVwVdmeFpgs5GISBTfXF

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