Tales of Organics in Finland


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Tales of Organics in Finland


Organic goods have arrived in Finnish shops and are catching the consumer’s eye.

Organics promises something better – a connection to the producer; clean, authentic food; and for other people it is synonymous with health.

There are many opinions both for and against organic production, but how many people have really taken a close look at what organic really means?

The writers of this book have worked with organics for over 20 years. By means of photographs and stories based on their own experiences they take the reader to the source of organic Finnish food. The book contains 35 beautifully photographed tales about organic farms, businesses and shops that sell organic products and people that in onway or another work with organics. The book covers the entire organic spectrum from small, idyllic direct-sale farms to large-scale organic industrial farming over hundreds of hectares, and from Finnish pioneers in the organic movement to a decision-making minister in the government.

At the same time the book is an exploration of themes that support the organic ethos such as vitality, the diversity of nature and good food. The reader is introduced to the everyday lives of workers in the field, the photos give the reader a close-up view of organic production and the text reveals a many-faceted picture of the Finnish organic food chain.

This is a fun and thought-provoking journey into the world of organics.

Publisher: Kurmakka – Organic Food Oy
Publishing date: April 2013
Photographs: Erkki Pöytäniemi
Text: Marja Nuora
Layout: Marja Nuora ja Erkki Pöytäniemi
Pages: 200
Size: 280 x 230 mm
Binding: hardback

Languages: Finnish, English