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My name is Jean-Philippe Clusiault, I am a certified personal trainer, gym instructor and fitness/wellness coach. My areas of expertise include nutrition, fat loss, hormonal balance, weight lifting, strenght training and body building. Whether you are a novice or a more experienced customer, I can help you acheive your goals, better yourself and manage your own journey.

The human body is a fantastic adaptation mechanism and in order to keep progressing, it is essential to change the routines and habbits on a regular basis. With my 8 weeks packages, you can focus on two months at a time and keep making periodic adjustments as you get further on your journey. I also offer hourly private coaching packages and programming/scheduling services to fit everyone's needs and situations.

Review my offers and packages and get in touch with me. I will meet you free of charge via phone call, video call or in person, that way we can get a feel for eachother and chose what is best for you. Untill then, stay healthy!

Jean-Philippe Clusiault PT

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