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Starter package


-Initial meeting (1 hour)

Lets talk about you and figure out your goals and current situation. Everyone is in a different state of health and/or fitness and not everybody has the same goals. It is a good thing to meet in person and get to know eachother while assessing your personal needs. In that initial meeting, we will take an hour to go over your ideas, schedule, physical condition, life style, training experiences and goals. I will use those informations to build a training program and workout schedule that are personalised to your needs .

-Personalised training program & workout schedule

Once we have discussed your goals and situation and I know a little bit more about you, I will construct a personnalised training program and an 8 weeks workout schedule. Both will be handed to you on our first meeting at the gym.

-Private coaching at the gym (4 hours)

Now you have your workout schedule and your training program and it’s time to start your fitness journey! With the Starter Pack, You will benefit from 4h of gym private coaching. We will first go through all your exercises, one by one, to make sure you can perform them adequatly and safely. It could take up to 2 hours (2 sessions of 1 hour) depending on how many exercises your training program includes.

At this point you will be ready to start your 8 weeks workout schedule and will still have 2 hours of private coaching in the bank. The best way to benefit from them is to use them once you have started on your own. It is possible that you might need further instructions after the first weeks and 1 hour of private coaching should definitly be used there in order to clear out any doubt and/or answer any questions you might have. It is also a good time to make adjustments on the training program if needed. Your remaining hour of private coaching should be used towards the 6th week of your workout schedule. I will then look at the progress you have made and figure out with you how your body is reacting to the training. We all have our own strenghts and weaknesses and it could be usefull to either tune up your technique or add some exercises to your training program. The focus here is to help you maximise your improvement, results and knowledge.

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