Expension Package


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Product description

Expension package


-Follow up meeting (1 hour)

Lets take your game to the next level. You have been training for at least 2 months (or more) now and you have made some progress. You have climbed the first steps on the fitness ladder and you wish to keep climbing. You would either like to work harder or more often or simply target your work towards a more specific goal. In that 1 hour meeting, we will review your new goals, schedule and physical condition and I will use those informations to create a new workout schedule and training program that reflect your updated goals and situation.

-Personalised training program & workout schedule

Once again, I will construct for you a personnalised training program and an 8 weeks workout schedule and both will be handed to you on our next meeting at the gym.

-Private coaching at the gym (3 hours)

Just like in the Starter Package, you will benefit from private coaching time to go through all your new exercises and make sure you can perform them adequatly and safely. Usually 1 hour is enough to cover them all but it could take more time depending on how many new exercises your updated training program includes.

At this point you will be ready to start your new 8 weeks workout schedule and will still have 2 hours of private coaching in the bank. Once again, the best way to benefit from them is to use them once you have started on your own. It is possible that you might need further instructions and 1 hour of private coaching should definitly be used there in order to clear out any doubt and/or answer any questions you might have. Just like before, It is also a good time to make adjustments on the training program if necessary.
You are more experimented at this point and can chose how to use your remaining hour of private coaching. Whether it is to get further instructions on a specific exercise, to benefit from an assisted workout session, to tune up your technique or maximise your improvement, the focus is always results and knowledge.

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