DVD - Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen - The Power of an Idea


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DVD in english, french and german language. Including italian subtitles. Documentary "Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen - The Power of an Idea". He had a vision to help people 200 years ago - and created a worldwide used economical system. His name: Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen. The 45-minute documentary describes how Raiffeisen provided a vision for people in rural areas of Germany, developing a form of co-operatives that still functions today. The story is narrated from the perspective of Raiffaisen’s eldest daughter, Amalie, who devoted her life to supporting her father’s work, having to renounce her own marriage and children to do so. The documentary shows Raiffeisen as a father and mayor, as well as the founder of a movement. It includes comments from historians and people active in the co-operative or banking sector. Raiffeisen created credit co-operatives for farmers. The model influenced the creation of similar co-operative banks in the Netherlands and Germany. It is worldwide known and still used today.

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