Koti ("Home")


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BACK IN STOCK. Small batch of copies available. "Home" is a silent artist's book. ("Koti" is a Finnish word for home.) The story takes the reader through 16 apartments where the author has once lived. "Home" shifts from a teenager's room to a student flat and from fully packed studio apartment into temporary homes. Every chapter of the book ends with an everyday view from each home. Language: Finnish / English. Published: April 2012. ISBN 978-952-93-0318-2. Bound, soft cover, 125 x 155 mm. 144 pages. 64 black and white images. Edition: 500. Printed in Estonia on recycled paper. * * * Koti on sanaton painettu taiteilijakirja, jossa vieraillaan 16 asunnossa.

illustrator Emmi Jormalainen