Personal channeling audio


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Product description

Would you like guidance and support to help you on your way? This 15-20 minute personal audio recording will bring you love and messages from your spirit guides and from the wisdom of the Universe. You can ask answers for certain questions or just receive openly messages from your guides.

Personal channelling audio will give you the opportunity to return to the messages repeatedly, whenever you wish to hear the messages from your spirit guides. Every recording is charged with the energy from your guides so as you are listening to your recording, you will receive pure and healing energy for yourself.

You will receive your recording by e-mail within 2-3 working days from your order. No appointments, no traveling, or special arrangements. Just you, the peace of your own home and the messages from your spirit guides channelled to me and with love to you.

My name is Iisa Heinola and I am a channeller, an empath and an intuitive. My mission in this life is to guide and support individuals find their way back home to the shining light that they are. It would be my honour to help you do just so.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me via email iisa@iisaheinola.fi or on Instagram @iisaheinola. Love and light on your journey – you are amazing! Hugs, Iisa


My first experience with something like this. I did not really know what to ask, but the answers I got ❤️✨🤯! Exactly what I needed to hear to help me on my journey! So much love and wisdom flowing through. Can 100% recommend this and I will be doing it again. ❤️🔮 Thank you Iisa! - Sam

Iisa helped me in a beautiful and precise way to understand what I need and don’t need. I felt relieved and happy while and after I had listened to the recording. I can highly recommend this to everyone who struggles with something in their life – or actually everyone overall. I got a lot of information even tough I had ordered only a 15-minute recording. – Musician 39 years.

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